Your Data Security, Our Responsibility

We take cyber security seriously and understand the importance of protecting our clients’ data. To mitigate the threat to our systems and your data, we partner with CyberGRX and passed their cyber risk assessment to certify that our data ecosystem follows best practices for security, privacy, and reliability.

Our clients can count on a higher degree of security, confidence, and trust from our healthcare-exclusive services backed by our risk exchange membership.

We recognize that in today's interconnected and complex business landscape, the security of our data is paramount. By working with CyberGRX, we have taken a significant step towards ensuring that our client’s critical data is protected, furthering our mission to help hospitals.

Scott Gillette, VP, Business Solutions, TAG Inc.

Who is CyberGRX?

CyberGRX is a third-party exchange that provides a comprehensive platform designed to assess and manage the cyber risk associated with third-party partners. Being an exchange member provides insight into members' security processes allowing you to put your trust in third-party vendors like us confidently.

Why do We Maintain Our CyberGRX Exchange Membership?

The security of your patient’s data is of utmost importance to you, and cyber breaches are costing healthcare organizations millions with each breach. We maintain the standards it takes to be an exchange member to take away the worry that a breach will happen while your data is in our hands. We take the risk away from doing business so you can focus your efforts where it matters most – providing care for your patients.

Our exchange membership sets us apart from competitors by demonstrating our commitment to our client’s data security and privacy.