Healthcare Procure to Pay Optimization

Solutions for optimizing your P2P processes for savings and efficiency


As a business founded on the healthcare industry’s most comprehensive recovery audit, we are driven to take our clients’ health systems beyond the traditional recovery audit and optimize their Procure to Pay (P2P) process from start to finish.

What does that mean for you?
Our P2P optimization services expand upon our Discovery Review to enhance your team's internal and external communication, processes, and tools throughout to unlock deeper savings opportunities.



How do we improve Health Systems' end-to-end P2P processes?


Customized Procure-to-Pay Consulting

With over 30 years P2P experience, our team is packed full of experts allowing us to guide your health system’s business processes into savings, efficiency, and adaptability to change. Through a combination of data analysis, tools, and experience, we develop custom solutions to tackle any challenge our clients face from contracting through payment.


Procure-to-Pay Process Optimization Solutions

At the core of our process improvement methodology, lies process flow mapping in which our solution managers work with each party involved in your P2P process to create an accurate and detailed process map. Our consultants use process mapping, value stream mapping, and our experience to analyze your processes to discover gaps and rework. Our team then partners with you to create and implement a plan based on these findings.
We work with health systems’ Supply Chain and AP departments to review and refine their returned goods processes, which continues to be the largest area of recoveries for most of our clients. Utilizing this service, one of our clients realized a 64% decrease in missed returned goods credits after the project and continues increasing that delta as each milestone approaches.

Supplemental Support to Enhance your Processes

We identify class action lawsuit settlement opportunities for your health system and assist in preparing and submitting all required documentation and forms to recover funds. After the filing is complete, we reconcile the settlement results and distribute the recovery dollars back to your organization.

Learn more about our class action settlement recovery services here.

Health systems often store their contracts in several different areas including ERP systems, GPO portals, and shared drives. This not only makes managing contracts more complex but increases the chance for incorrect POs, pricing errors, and overlooked contract expirations. We gather your contracts in one repository where we can monitor them for invalid or unused contracts as well as provide notification for contracts expiring soon.
By analyzing your procure-to-pay data, we can detect some instances that point to fraudulent activity including ghost vendors, invoice count fluctuations, out of sequences invoice numbers, and vendors that match employee information such as vendors and employees with the same address.
Inconsistent information flow can hinder your health system’s operational and financial initiatives, increases billing errors, and encumbers policy and technology updates such as ERP transitions. Our cleanse and mapping service aligns your Item Master, GL data, and UNSPSC records to provide data accuracy that can fuel operations.
Your item master can have a substantial downstream influence on your health system’s Supply Chain, margins, and clinical workers. Standardization and accuracy of the information contained within the file are essential to generating accurate purchase orders and utilizing the available contract pricing that your health system has negotiated. Turn to us to restore and cleanse your item master to greatly improve pricing accuracy, reduce transactional discrepancies, price match exceptions, and significantly reduce hours lost chasing down pricing overcharges.

Learn about our full pricing and contract solutions with SpendSuite!

Our RNI review is the optimal solution to reduce accrued funds resulting from items Received, Not Invoiced. Our expert team identifies and rectifies inaccuracies in your procure to pay process, reconciling POs and Accruals with vendors to eliminate unnecessary liabilities. With our comprehensive expertise and personalized approach, we enhance accuracy, control costs, optimize processes, and provide expert consultancy, enabling you to achieve significant savings and ensure transparent financial reporting. Take charge of your financial statements today by partnering with TAG Inc. for unmatched results.
A clean vendor master file helps reduce loss and errors by supporting the Procure-to-Pay process with reliable, consistent, and accurate information. A cleanse of your vendor master reduces your health system’s exposure to payment errors, fraudulent charges, and risk of noncompliance. A vendor master cleanse is an essential project for any health system, especially those that are considering an ERP upgrade, conversion, or implementation. We recommend that your vendor master is cleansed consistently on a minimum annual basis.
Collecting statements from your vendors is essential to ensuring your health system is preserving vendor relationships, utilizing available credits, and paying invoices in a timely fashion. This process can be very tedious, time-consuming, and draining on your resources. Let us take on the burden of researching your vendor account numbers, collecting your statements, and comparing them against your payment data to allow your staff to focus on tasks that are more labor-intensive and require more advanced skills.

Solutions that Start with Your Team

Our leadership and team coaching services aim to improve communication and collaboration between teams, leadership, and departments. Sarah McLaughlin, our certified leadership development coach, leads our coaching and development services. Learn more about our development services including SLII®, CliftonStrengths, and Everything DiSC®.
To increase the productivity and efficiency of your team, we offer training specialized in many aspects of the P2P process. Whether your staff needs some reminder training and takes advantage of our AP 101 course or needs detailed training in statement collections, we develop training customized to your healthcare system’s policies and procedures.

Tools to Enhance your Savings and Performance

We analyze the pricing data from your health system and the hospital(s) you are interested in acquiring. Using our proprietary Item Price Optimization (IPO) tool, we compare pricing across all entities to determine potential for savings across your health system.
We help health systems manage their P2P data before, during, and after an ERP conversion to reduce the risk of payment errors and missed credits. Our team of analysts ensures the data entering your new system is free of duplicate payments, pricing discrepancies, inactive vendors, inaccurate item data, and other erroneous information that may cause leaked funds. DOWNLOAD OUR ERP IMPLEMENTATION CHECKLIST NOW
Our SpendSuite solution is a set of tools and services centered identifying and recovering on pricing errors such as overpayments, cleansing your Item Master data, and reviewing current and available contracts to get you the most advantageous pricing offered. Learn about SpendSuite!
Our contract compliance analysis tool assists our analysts and your team with the data needed to optimize your health system's spend in order to take advantage of the best available contract pricing. This tool matches current annualized spend to your available contracts and tiers and identifies missed savings opportunities. Learn about SpendSuite!
Our IPO tool allows us to manipulate your data to view pricing trends and anomalies across vendors, items, and entities that would otherwise be undetectable. Even when items are not currently on contract, the data can demonstrate if a contract exists at another location, if there were periods of overcharges, and if your prices are out of line with industry benchmarks. Learn about SpendSuite!
Identifying 1099 vendors can be a confusing and complex process. Our identification tool compares your vendors to vendors in our database and suggests when a 1099 form should be filled out. Learn more about our 1099 Review Service.
Our proprietary analysis software combined with our team of analysts provides a comprehensive insight into your health system's procure-to-pay operations. This insight is gathered and distributed into real-time dashboards that are available to access 24/7 including insight into Spend Visibility, AP Staffing Efficiency, PO Utilization, Vendor Utilization, Days to Pay, Payment Method, and Invoice Type. We offer 30+ unique dashboards and are available to create custom dashboards upon request.
We work with health systems to manage and track their medical device warranties and ensure their credit payments are realized. We work with clients to reduce fines, monitor warranties or explant recalls, and claim accurate reimbursements. By working with health systems' OR and the Patient Billings department's, we take on the tedious work of tracking and monitoring while improving compliance and bottom-line recoveries.


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