Pricing and Contract Solutions


SpendSuite is our innovative group of tools and services designed to identify purchase price variances, optimal contract terms, and opportunities for lower prices on future purchases.



Why Utilize SpendSuite?


Add resources to complement your team
We supplement your team’s resources by taking the responsibility of routine pricing validation off of your team members. We do industry benchmark comparisons for all of your purchases, ensuring your health system realizes savings today and tomorrow.

Validate contract terms
Our SpendSuite evaluates your current contracts to ensure all suppliers are abiding by contract terms. We then work with your team and systems to implement a contract term tracking system, eliminating future losses like missed discounts or overpaid freight.

We review all contracts available to you through your purchasing group and local agreements to identify opportunities to take advantage of better pricing tiers. Our pricing suite also compares and consolidates suppliers to get our clients the most advantageous pricing.

Provide data price integrity
Our pricing specialists and data analysts cleanse your item master and validate necessary information to streamline processes and promote accuracy.

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The SpendSuite Solution


Item Savings Review

Item prices are not consistent across the marketplace making it difficult for you to ensure your health system is getting the best available pricing - no matter how vigilant you remain. Our pricing and contracting team reviews every transaction to identify overcharges and return your funds.

Item Master Cleanse

Having too many items and bad data in your item master leads to overpayments and inconsistencies. Our team of analysts scrub your item master to prevent these pitfalls from occurring in the future.

Contract Enhancement

A consistent review of your contracts enables your health system to receive the best terms and pricing. Our analysts, armed with SpendSuite, review all available contract tiers to optimize your existing agreements and how they are utilized.

Contract Capture

Tracking your contract changes and updated terms is essential to ensure your health system receives the most advantageous terms. We work within your existing structures to implement best practices and ensure that all contract terms are applied correctly.