1099 Vendor Review

Reduce your Health System's 1099 Penalties

By reviewing your vendors and identifying those that require a 1099 tax form, we can reduce the number of penalties your health system receives from the IRS this tax season.

Why Use Our 1099 Review?

  • Reduce the number of penalties charged by the IRS
  • Save your team time when reviewing 1099 vendors during the busiest time of the year
  • Collect missing vendor data such as W-9s and TIN matches


Our Review Process

1099 Services

We Review your Vendor List

We review your vendor list that is not already flagged as 1099 vendors. We will review your vendors' W-9s and the nature of their business to determine whether they need a 1099 form filed.
1099 Services

Collect Missing W-9s

We can work with your vendors to collect any missing W-9s used to determine the needs of 1099 forms.
1099 Services

Review 1099 Penalties Charged from Missing or Incorrect TIN

We will review your 1099 penalties incurred from missing or incorrect vendor TIN numbers to ensure they match your vendors' W-9s. We can then work with your team to update the data or provide a list of penalties for appeal.