The healthcare industry loses over $700M annually due to nonexistent or insufficient returned goods processes. Yet, little is done to fix the issue, and millions of dollars continue to leak from health systems nationwide – an indication of larger systemic issues.

However, returned goods can become an area of significant cost savings instead of loss and risk.

Why is the improvement of returned goods processes overlooked? Why does returning goods cause loss? What should you do if you think you have a returned goods problem? What downstream consequences impact inventory management, departmental budgets, and financial accuracy?

During this webinar, we’ll dive into these important questions and present tips to help your returned goods process shift from weakness to strength, establishing your organization as a leader in this space.

You will learn the following:

· Why and how returned goods are costing the healthcare industry millions annually
· How to identify and quantify the financial impact of your returned goods process
· Elements of a successful returned goods process for any health system
· A high-level road map for fixing your returned goods process

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