February 22, 2018

Your AP Software is Only as Smart as Your Staff

Accounts Payable software systems are packed full of control features to prevent duplicate payments on a single invoice. However, this AP software only works as intended when your Accounts Payable department enters invoices into the system correctly and consistently. Human error happens, but these mistakes can cost major health systems quite a bit. Sometimes AP personnel or data entry staff might enter the incorrect invoice number, company number, or vendor number into the AP system. In these instances, the AP software is unable to detect if a duplicate payment happens because the data is inconsistent or incorrect. Always Double Check […]
November 13, 2017

Lack of Departmental Communication Leads to Overpayments

Major health systems have many departments that all have to work together seamlessly. A lack of departmental communication is inefficient and can lead to lost funds or overpayments. Contracts and maintenance agreements are renewed annually, or in some cases even less frequently. Because of all of the complexities of a healthcare organization’s day-to-day, Accounts Payable is not always alerted when changes are made during a contract’s renewal. If these changes are not clearly communicated, agreements may be overpaid or credits may be missed. When Lack of Departmental Communication Causes Problems Recently, a major healthcare system entered into a new service […]
Lack of Departmental Communication Leads to Overpayments
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