September 10, 2018

Always Check Your Bills

Even though healthcare organization are often tax-exempt, you’d be surprised at how often they are charged tax—and even more surprised at how many pay it without even realizing. Our own Scott Gillette was working with one of our clients when he discovered that they had been mistakenly paying taxes on their gas bill for years. Take a look. This type of detailed statement review is just one of the many ways The Audit Group works with healthcare groups to manage costs and maximize cash flow. Reach out to our auditing team and learn how our analysis leaves no stone unturned […]
April 17, 2018

Understanding Health System Tax Errors

With another income tax season in the books, it may be time to look into the other tax liabilities to ensure compliance with all levels of the tax code. A recovery audit for taxes can reveal a variety of breakdowns in your financial processes that carry wide-reaching consequences for your organization’s cash flow. Let’s take a closer look at how your health system is susceptible to errors in tax compliance. What tax liabilities do health systems have? A non-profit health system’s sales and use tax liability vary greatly depending on the state. Some states may exempt only tax on labor, […]
Understanding Health System Tax Errors
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