December 18, 2018

Make Your Item Master Work for You

Like the vendor master, a hospital’s item master is an immensely powerful set of data that keeps the hospital running smoothly on a day-to-day basis. In our experience, too many health systems view the item master as just another task, rather than the strategic asset we know it is. Let’s take a closer look. Cleaning Up the Item Master An item master full of errors and inconsistencies is more of a liability than an asset. Before you can start seeing the benefits of a well-maintained item master, your organization should commit to correcting existing errors and implementing procedures that prevent […]
October 1, 2018

Proactively Managing Your Item Master

The item master is one of the most vital databases for your health systems, but often we see organizations attempt to conduct wide-reaching maintenance on the item master all at once. That creates a lot of pressure for the item master team and rarely solves the underlying process issues. Instead, we recommend making item master reviews a frequent, systemic part of your workflow. Here are four ways to proactively manage your item master. 1. Delete Inactive Items Keeping a discontinued or unused item in the item master only creates room for error, as a staff member could mistakenly order and […]
July 25, 2018

Tips for a Successful Item Master Cleanup

Your health system’s item master is a highly valuable, often overlooked set of data. Properly maintained, and your item master will ensure your group receives the correct items for the correct price, every time. A neglected item master, however, may create long-term issues for your system, such as pricing errors. Let’s take a closer look at ways your item master could be flawed and how your team may improve its effectiveness. Following the Item Master The item master is only effective when it is used. If someone purchases a product without using a purchase order, the item master is not […]
Tips for a Successful Item Master Cleanup
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