January 24, 2019

Changing POs to Match Invoices Can Lead to Fund Loss

Purchase Orders are widely used by hospitals and health systems. To follow best practices, Accounts Payable departments should always use POs to prevent duplicate payments, ensure correct pricing on invoices, and, in turn, save your organization money. When purchase orders are not used correctly, it can cost you. Purchase Order Malpractice: Changing POs to Match Invoices We recently worked with a health system that was in need of a process improvement when it came to purchase orders. They did not have a system in place for Accounts Payable to consistently use POs. As a result, during our Discovery Review, we […]
October 3, 2017

Non-Original Invoices Cause Duplicate Payments

Duplicate payments are a common area of concern at most major health systems. When copies of original invoices exist, payments may be processed twice if the ink is smudged or blurry. These copies can be hard to read and cause confusion for the Accounts Payable department. The effectiveness of AP control features is reduced when invoices are not entered into the ERP system correctly and consistently. Non-Original Invoices Caused Duplicate Payments at a Major Health System In a recent Discovery Review, The Audit Group found that a major hospital system had paid its vendor, Mail Room Service Center, twice for […]
Non-Original Invoices Cause Duplicate Payments
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