September 13, 2020

Managing Medical Device Warranties

Manufacturing medical devices in the US is $47B a year industry with implantable devices accounting for $26.75B. With revenue values this high accounting for essential life-saving equipment, it is important for healthcare system leaders to understand the true or total cost of ownership. This not only means the original purchase of the devices but also takes into account equipment warranties. Afterall, warranties exist to mitigate the risks related to ownership and help create vendor reliability. However, the healthcare industry as a whole continues to struggle to manage their warranties, especially when it comes to implantable devices. Getting greater insight into […]
May 22, 2018

What Does Explant Monitoring Mean for Hospitals?

From pacemakers to joint replacements, hospitals go through a significant amount of implants in the course of normal business. However, when these implants become explants due to defects or other issues, they can become a liability for the hospital’s Medicare compliance. Let’s break down explant monitoring and why it’s an issue no hospital should overlook. What is explant monitoring? Pacemakers and other implants may need to be removed for several different causes, some of which may be covered under the device’s warranty. If so, the manufacturer will issue a credit to the hospital. In 2007, however, Medicare and Medicaid noticed […]
What Does Explant Monitoring Mean for Hospitals?
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