Plan on Implementing a New ERP?

Did you know?

Healthcare organizations experience a 300%* increase in erroneous transactions when implementing or combining ERP systems.

Whether you are updating your ERP system, combining systems, or adopting a new ERP, use our implementation checklist to reduce transaction errors before, during, and after your transition.

Included in this Guide:

  • A checklist focused specifically on preparing and handling Procure-to-Pay data
  • List of required checkpoints up to nine months before your ERP go-live
  • Tips on when to notify vendors or ERP changes and updates
  • Cut-off deadlines on when to stop using your old system and begin using your new ERP

Download our guide now to reduce the impact of your ERP implementation on your bottom line.

*Calculated based on average recoveries of TAG Inc clients before and after an ERP implementation.