Is your healthcare system losing out on millions of 340B revenue due to:

  • A high rate of denials because of complicated prior authorization processes?
  • A lengthy process and patient costs causing abandoned prescriptions?
  • Inefficiencies around drug fulfillment as a medical benefit vs pharmacy benefit?
  • The lack of a robust contract pharmacy network?
  • Poor prescription routing and proper contract pharmacy utilization?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are NOT alone.
On average health systems in the US capture only 20-30% of their 340B potential revenue. Hospitals that have put previous solutions in place are typically operating at a capture rate of 60-70%.

This leaves millions of dollars on the table each year that could fund programs at your health system to reach more patients and provide more services. Our goal is to get your hospitals to 90%+ capture rate to maximize the revenue results of your 340B program.

A 90%+ capture rate is possible with Velocity!

Velocity is the only platform that brings automation to payers, providers, and pharmacies to increase capture rates and realize additional revenue. Velocity not only automates the entire prior authorization process but also ensures 340B specialty drugs get routed to the correct pharmacies, maximizing the revenue your health system or hospital earns.

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We work with your Pharmacy and Specialty Pharmacy leaders to deploy a system-wide Velocity platform customized to your healthcare system. This platform enables your nurses, medical assistants, and pharmacy hub to capture both pharmacy and medical benefit information in one simplified process. This process features automated pre-denial warnings and pharmacy routing to increase accuracy and capture rate.



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