I now understand the difference

“After using the Audit Group, I now understand the difference. I’ve used other auditing companies before and the added benefits  and thoroughness that The Audit Group incorporates into their process is why I continue to use them exclusively.”

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Philadelphia, PA

Akron General

"Very knowledgeable and professional team." (November 8, 2013)

Akron General Health System
Akron, OH                                                                                                                                                                                       

Atlantic recommendation

"Into the start of our second year and TAG has already recovered $2.5 million in claims for us, and offered real-world solutions that can work for our company as a means to fix the breakdowns.  

The TAG team is dedicated. I meet with their regional director weekly, and enjoy working with a dedicated staff person throughout every week.  TAG has the professionals that specialize in the healthcare industry. They know the major vendors, and the recurring issues that come with doing business with them. In many cases, TAG has relationships with key vendor contacts, and when it's TAG calling them on an identified claim, the vendors have past experiences that the claims are legitimate, and not aggressively constructed, or pieced together in haste.  

All sides of the claim have an obligation to do the right thing, and TAG certainly preserves this by compiling support to build credibility behind every claim, and to also hold our vendors accountable.  

My AP and Purchasing departments are short staffed.  Said simply, TAG does the things that my department cannot tackle at this time, and so it's reassuring to have them in our corner to monitor our accounts, and more importantly, letting our vendors know that we are always watching." (December 3, 2014)

Atlantic Health System
Morristown, NJ

Audit Group consultants were excellent

“The Audit Group consultants were excellent. Both continued the outstanding relationship I've had with TAG for some 15 years. "

St. Thomas Health Services
Nashville, TN  

Cooper University


·         "We’ve used other vendors in the past but none even came close to matching TAG’s professionalism, detailed analytics, customer service or results." (November 18, 2014)

Cooper University Hospital
Camden, NJ

Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare

The whole team has been terrific. They have done an outstanding job uncovering items that we could never have found ou our own. They were extremely professional and included great back-up to all claims.

The process was very easy and smooth due to all of their hard work on the front end.  I am very impressed with your company and personnel and look forward to working with all of you again in the future. (September 8, 2015)

Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare
Naperville, IL

Group Health Cooperative

"(TAG's auditor) did a great job.  He presented material timely and went over the status of each claim thoroughly." (July 29, 2013)

Group Health Cooperative
Seattle, WA

HHC-Jacobi Medical Ctr

"Exceptional service for the third year in a row." (August 19, 2013)

HHC - Jacobi Medical Center
New York, NYC

I have never felt so positive

"I have never felt so positive regarding a service as I did with The Audit Group. They were very considerate of my time, approachable and knowledgeable. The services they provided were invaluable. As a new manager, they offered many ideas and much feedback. Great Job."  (October 24, 2011)

St. Luke's Hospital & Health Network
Bethlehem, PA

I was very satisfied

"I was very satisfied with the professionalism of the auditors and the outcome they achieved for our organization. They were quick to respond to any questions and were thorough in researching issues." (March 10, 2012)

Temple University Health System
Philadelphia, PA

Infirmary reference

"My biggest concern when undertaking an A/P review is whether or not the auditors can conduct a thorough, meaningful review without excessively disrupting my staff's routine duties.  TAG was the best we've ever had at accomplishing this." (December 5, 2014)

Infirmary Health
Mobile, AL

Lakeland Regional Health

"In my last two positions, being responsible for supporting large Acute Healthcare Systems and ensuring that we have sound practices and processes in place, I truly needed a team that would not sugar-coat how we were doing, help us improve our process and mostly help me recover that money. 

TAG does what they say they are going to do – thoroughly.  They act professionally and in the best interest of their clients, and they are respectful of their vendor relationships.  They work independently, but collaboratively – when called for and they truly leave “no stone unturned”.   I will not mention the  “other firm” or “competitor” that my last two positions used, but that was what I personally saw. We had become complacent and we needed a fresh new set of eyes looking at our organization. 

I am totally available to discuss any questions anyone has regarding our most recent engagement. TAG, once again exceeded my expectations." (March 9, 2015)

Lakeland Regional Health
Lakeland, FL

Lutheran Medical Ctr

"The team was very professional and right on point with their findings and explanations.  Worked independenently and did not take too much time from the staff.  Looking forward to their exit conference and possible recommendations and changes in procedures to improve our process." (January 23, 2014)

Lutheran Medical Center
New York, NY

Mercy (Catholic) Health Partners

"I have worked for several organizations that have engaged The Audit Group to perform varous functions and am always impressed with their well-seasoned and professional staff.  Results have always been outstanding in large part due to the professionalism and diligence of the staff." (March 2, 2015)

Mercy Health Partners
Cincinnati, OH

MultiCare Health System recommendation

"My experience with The Audit Group is 100% positive.  They provide outstanding service to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the Accounts Payable process. Their representatives (the two I have specific knowledge of) are professional, competent, and easy to work with. Their relationships with our vendors were all positive and effective.  We had no complaints from our vendors as TAG obtained refunds, rebates, and credits on our behalf.

I was impressed with the approaches TAG has developed over the years.  This allows them to focus on areas of high return for an organization, while helping AP personnel improve their processes to minimize errors and duplicate payments. TAG supports their findings, ensuring receipt of refunds before billing their fees to the client.  They are very knowledgeable.

I highly recommend TAG for AP recoveries." (March 24, 2015)

MultiCare Health System
Tacoma, WA

Services we were provided were outstanding

"This was the second time we utilized the services of your company and once again you did not disappoint. The services we were provided were outstanding."

Cooper University Hospital
Cherry Hill, NJ

Tampa General


"We were very pleased with (TAG's) services. We look forward to working with TAG in the future." (April 1, 2014)

Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, FL

Tampa General 2

"Great experience. Your company exceeded expectations." (March 4, 2014)

Tampa General Hospital
Tampa, FL

The Audit Group did a great job

“The Audit Group did a great job in identifying credit returns, which helped us to recap monies that were owed.”

Meridian Health
Neptune, NJ

The Audit Group has been outstanding

“The Audit Group has been outstanding in their performance of our Accounts Payable Audits. The auditors grasp our system well  and are very self-sufficient as they perform the audit, allowing me to continue with my A/P responsibilities.”

St. Vincent Health
Indianapolis, IN

The Audit Group made it a painless process

“Columbia St Mary’s has been using the services of The Audit Group for almost a decade, I believe.  I hadn’t had any experience prior to that with a recovery audit.  The Audit Group made it a painless process.  They know the healthcare business, they know the suppliers and they know the stones to overturn looking for overpayments, duplicate payments or payments not according to contract.  They are like an old, reliable employee whom you call upon to help you out.  You can’t go wrong with The Audit Group.”

Columbia St. Mary's
Milwaukee, WI

Thomas Jefferson Univ

"I have worked with The Audit Group for over 10 years now.  I keep asking them back because they make it easy for me to do so!  

They work independently, which is very important to us.  We hold regular meetings, at our convenience, and have ample opportunity to review, challenge, and approve each and every claim.  I most appreciate the dialogue we have on the claims where we not only review the claim, but discuss root causes and the means to rectify prospectively.  

Our staff is very comfortable with TAG and do not feel at all threatened by what could be easily construed as a finger-pointing exercise.  TAG even holds meetings with the staff to present the scenarios and discuss the chain of events that led to the error.  

The Audit Group has really become an extension of our staff.  I am grateful for our partnership with TAG as we continue to collaboratively identify areas for improvement. This is also one company where the sales and account management team do no disappear after the contracts are signed. They are here throughout and add much value to the process.  It is very difficult to have someone point out all your shortcomings, but TAG does it with integrity and experience." (November 22, 2014)


Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals
Philadelphia, PA


UPenn Health

"An effective audit with no interference with day to day operations." (February 6, 2014)

University of Pennsylvania Health System
Philadelphia, PA

Very professional

“The Audit Group consultant was very professional and a delight to work with!"

MultiCare Health System
Tacoma, WA

We appreciate the job

“We appreciate the job that The Audit Group did to recoup lost revenue and to provide best practice initiatives to improve our organization."

Maury Regional Medical Center
Columbia, TN