Take Control of Your Cash Flow

Navigate the complexities of your organization’s revenue and expenses. With a full analysis, healthcare providers can ensure revenue opportunities are fully identified, cash management is optimized, and vendor disbursements are correct.

Every dollar counts. At The Audit Group, we understand the necessity of adding cash to your bottom line, and we can help your organization achieve its financial goals.

1. Discovery Review

Protecting your funds and identifying areas of inefficiencies are central to creating growth for your organization. Starting with a financial risk analysis, TAG will identify the areas most likely to result in recovered funds.

Our comprehensive review identifies each area where loss has occurred within the procure to pay cycle. After recovering lost funds, The Audit Group provides a strategic report that outlines the cause of the lost funds and methods for mitigating that loss in the future.

Supply Chain Solutions Guide

2. Item Pricing Benchmarking

Maintaining competitive pricing in the healthcare marketplace is a battle. Our Benchmarking service compares prices across the nation to ensure that your healthcare system is receiving the best possible pricing, even for non-contract items. The end result is reduced supply costs and more effective contract negotiations moving forward. You can rest easy, knowing that your organization is receiving optimal pricing from every vendor.

Benchmarking with TAG

3. Statement Collection

Reconciling vendor accounts and receiving statements for every entity within your healthcare system can be daunting. Our Statement Collection service gives you the peace of mind that every vendor statement is being accounted for. Consistently requesting statements will reduce the risk of credit hold, realize lost and escheated credits, aid in developing a target vendor list, and establish clean, manageable accounts.

Statement Collection Guide

4. Employee Education

Education and continual development are essential ingredients to the success of your organization. The Audit Group’s expert Client Solutions Managers use adult learning best practices to customize educational sessions to the needs of your organization. Whether addressing a recurring challenge or introducing a new process, our seasoned team delivers enriching and profitable training to your team. Professional training sessions are conducted either on-site or remotely to provide your staff with an optimal learning environment.

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“After using The Audit Group, I now understand the difference. I’ve used other auditing companies before and the added benefits and thoroughness that TAG incorporates into their process is why I continue to use them exclusively.”

Steve Kelly
Director of Disbursements

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

“My AP and Purchasing departments are short staffed. Said simply, TAG does the things that my department cannot tackle at this time, and it’s so reassuring to have them in our corner to monitor our accounts.”

Keith Van Fleet
Director, Accounting and Reporting

Atlantic Health System

“The TAG representative was an excellent partner! Sharp, and you can tell she possesses plenty of knowledge and experience. Cooperative and a great team player. There were no surprises or unexpected visits. Communication was open and in advance. The audit was painless for me and my team.”

Michelle Kiah
Director, UMMS Disbursements

University of Maryland Medical System

Sunshine Prograis

Sunshine Prograis

Director, Operations

Since joining TAG in 2013, Sunshine has been striving to grow the Operations department’s efficiencies and capabilities. With a Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting and a Master of Science, Accounting, Sunshine brings education, experience, and positivity to her team. Her favorite sports teams are her children’s.

Scott Van Matre

Scott Van Matre

Manager, Operations

Scott Van Matre began working at TAG in September 2015 after obtaining his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from The University of Missouri - Columbia. He currently serves as the Operations Manager, facilitating distribution of projects, alignment around goals and objectives, and being the primary point of contact for questions and concerns about operational procedures. He enjoys fishing, golf, weightlifting, spending time with his wife and Charles the Beagle, and other outdoor activities.

John Newcomb

John Newcomb

Senior Manager, Client Solutions

John Newcomb has been an employee at TAG since 2001. During his tenure at TAG, John is second all-time in generating recoveries, as he has recovered over $10 million from vendors on behalf of his clients. In addition, John has performed at various management levels with TAG, including interim COO. Having worked in both Finance and as a Buyer in a Purchasing capacity prior to TAG, one of the greatest assets John possesses is his ability to provide cutting-edge, location-specific corrective action and recommendations for his clients to implement changes and eliminate further losses.

Lead Authentically

Taking your organization’s leadership to the next level requires transparency as a servant leader. Using three world-class models - Gallup, Blanchard, and DiSC - TAG has developed a servant leadership model that will give you the tools to lead with head, heart, and hands.

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Discover Compliance Opportunities

In the healthcare industry, finding yourself out of compliance can be costly. Maximize your reimbursements by ensuring that your organization remains compliant with the industry’s ever-changing regulations.

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